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Diabetic Tip of the Day!

Blood Sugar Control: Pack an emergency kit!

When you live with diabetes, planning and gathering supplies before disaster strikes can ease challenges faced afterward. Packing essential diabetes supplies as well as general items will keep you prepared for any situation and help you stay in control. Keep a GO bag in a spot where you will be easily able to find it.

In case of a low blood sugar, pack a quick acting source of sugar (such as glucose tabs, juice boxes, 4 hard candies, or half of a non-diet soda). Follow up 15 minutes after your low blood sugar level with a complex carb sources such as crackers with peanut butter to help stabilize blood glucose. Remember to replace your perishable items in your GO bag regularly.

It is always important to know your blood sugar levels and keep your blood sugar meter handy in case you need it. As always consult your healthcare professional for more information or when in doubt.



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