Ketamine treats people at risk of suicide

Depression is a common, severe and potentially life-threatening syndrome. There are emerging medical studies demonstrating significant decreases in suicidal ideation in adults who were given doses of ketamine. Here at South Omaha Ketamine we believe there is a possible rapid solution available for many adults.

According to the article published in News Week:

Researchers found that among 156 adults hospitalized for severe suicidal thoughts, those given two doses of ketamine often saw those disturbing ideas go away within a few days.

By day three, 63% were in full remission, compared to just under 32% of patients given a placebo in addition to standard care.

Ketamine, once famous for being a party past time, has quickly become an unbeatable treatment to depression and suicidal thoughts. According to the British Journal of Psychiatry the medication quickly eases depression symptoms (sometimes within a day). The speedy response is accredited as a life saver to those facing suicidal ideation. According to the BMJ study the conclusion over 156 participants were that:

The findings indicate that ketamine is rapid, safe in the short term, and has persistent benefits for acute care in suicidal patients. Comorbid mental disorders appear to be important moderators. An analgesic effect on mental pain might explain the anti-suicidal effects of ketamine.

The research mentioned in the article first debuted in the British Medical Journal earlier this year.

For more information and the entire News Week article please follow this link to read more and learn about how ketamine might help you or a loved one.

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