About Us

South Omaha Medical Associates (SOMA) has provided quality family healthcare in Omaha since 1991. Drs. Fernando and Priscilla Correa offer full family healthy services including allergy diagnosis and therapy. We are proud members of the community and are one of the longest established fully bilingual clinics in the entire city. All of our staff can assist you in any way in either English or Spanish. Please look around our website and make sure to stop by or call us to make an appointment! 

Keeping South Omaha healthy since 1996!


Our mission is to provide quality health care, utilizing the most up to date resources, with the utmost concern for the dignity and needs of the Omaha community. We are committed to recognizing and responding to our patients, and we strive to constantly seek improvement. Our staff are fully bilingual and are committed to making a difference in the quality of the lives we serve.

Family Medicine


Our vision is to meet the health needs of the people of Omaha and its surrounding communities by being the best provider of high quality health care services, the best place to work, and the best environment for family and preventative health care.

Family Medicine

Our Values

Serving our patients and their families, physicians, staff and surrounding communities with dignity and respect.

Informing our patients and the community of public health, preventive, emergency and rehabilitative programs with a full range of primary to tertiary medical services.

Serving the ever-changing needs of different local populations, while honoring their ethnic, religious and cultural differences.

Always applying a high degree of medical, nursing and technical management in a professional and accountable manner.

Collaborating with our local community and learning institutions  to support a safe and friendly environment for all members of our community.

Conducting research that will lead to major improvements in the way we deliver health care, while remaining up to date on scientific advances in medicine.

Our Responsibility

Our responsibility to the patient is to: remain as up to date as we can on advances in medicine and health care. We will conduct research and always try to deliver the highest possible quality care we can.

Ketamine IV Therapy

We at SOMA see ketamine IV therapy as an adjunct to other therapies for mental health conditions. We will work closely with your therapist and/or psychiatrist to optimize your mental well-being. Our approach uses a low dose of ketamine through a series of IV infusions, resulting in treatment backed by research and consensus guidelines. Please click here for more information 

Physical therapy and Chiropractor

We are happy to announce that we recently welcomed Integrated Rehab to our location. They are physical therapy and chiropractor specialists that can not only leave you feeling better but can take away pain that has persisted for decades.