What is Ketamine-IV Therapy?

Ketamine has been studied for treatment of a variety of mental health conditions. It is thought to reset and re-establish connections within the brain to treat resistant depression and rapidly relieve suicidal thoughts.

We at SOMA see ketamine IV therapy as an adjunct to other therapies and will work closely with your PCP, psychiatrist, and/or therapist to optimize your mental well-being. Our approach uses a low dose of ketamine through a series of infusions that is based on research-backed, consensus guidelines.

What to expect

An initial consultation is done to determine the appropriateness of ketamine therapy and address questions. For best results, our study-supported regimen includes 6 treatment sessions over 2-3 weeks with booster infusions periodically as needed. While some patients may feel improvement in symptoms after only 1 or 2 infusions, we focus on the longer term improvement.

Helpful Links: each of the articles below highlight the benefits of Ketamine IV Therapy for each of the conditions.

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