Native American Mural Project 2021

We were fortunate enough to get the opportunity to collaborate with the South Omaha Mural Project on a Native American tribute on the side of our building. The “mural was created in tribute to the strength and importance of women in the Native American community.”

SOMP collaborated with the community and worked closely to bring an image that was both impactful and full of meaning. The collaboration allowed many voices to be heard and be portrayed in the powerful imagery. Please visit the SOMP site to learn about the many details involved in the project.

Please enjoy some of our photos below as well as a link to KMTV and a small piece they did on the mural.

South Omaha Mural Project

South Omaha Mural Project in the World Herald

Our South Omaha Mural project is drawing to close and coming out fantastic! Here it is featured in the Omaha World Herald. We are excited to see what other future projects we can participate in and bring to our community.

Here is a short portion of the article:

“A series of murals throughout South Omaha are capturing the area’s rich history of immigration, ranging from the early waves of Irish and Poles to more recent arrivals from Mexico and Central America.

The South Omaha Mural Project will consist of 10 community-based murals. Each work aims to depict the culture, history and ethnic heritage of groups that settled in South Omaha neighborhoods, said David Catalan, the former president of the South Omaha Business Association.

One of the sets that has been started is the Plaza De La Raza Mural Group, which shares the stories of people of Mexican, Salvadoran, Guatemalan and Honduran heritage living in South Omaha. Each culture will be depicted on one of four walls that border the Plaza de la Raza.

The Mexican Heritage Mural has been completed. It is the work of six local artists who listened to stories from Omaha’s Mexican community during months of meetings.”


The photo and the rest of the article can be found in the Omaha World Herald.